Foreign Direct Investment creates new jobs

Governments everywhere encourage Foreign Direct Investments into their countries, for two major reasons.

One it brings in much desired foreign currency into the country and the next which is considered very important it creates new job vacancies in a wide spectrum of the employment sector.

The impetus into the economy every government receives comes mostly from the private sector, which generates new jobs to ease unemployment and pays taxes to run the government machinery and the development in the country.

When the government spends monies collected by way of taxes on development projects they too generate jobs. Hence it is all a happy merry-go-round generating jobs in Sri Lanka when liberal government policies draw investments into our country.

Sri Lanka could gain solace that our unemployment rate at 4.5%, is at a very manageable level compared to other economies around the world.

The present government has promised to generate one million new Sri Lankan jobs in the next five years and if this pledge is fulfilled Sri Lanka could be on the road to prosperity.

At the end of the day, it is government policies that creates vacancies and when this happens the populace should gradually tune themselves to meet the arising demand for topjobs but the million rupee question would be does Sri Lanka have the required skilled labour to meet this demand so created.

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Into the future with Digital Marketing

Google has always striven to unleash new innovations and better platforms with one thing in mind, that is to bring out better user friendly platforms and keep their loyal flock with them at all times.

They have been immensely successful in their endeavors and their search engines are more popular with users than their competitors Yahoo and Bing.

Google’s newest innovation the Google business view, which has created a tsunami of user interest and given experienced marketing digital professionals, unprecedented opportunities of taking their internet marketing strategies to an elevated level never seen before.

Google introduced a very unique 200 point assessment rating which has been the standardized requirement to be ranked on the Google search engine for any brand.

Meeting these points would elevate your brand, high on the Google search engine crowning it with success and envy from your competition.

Ranking high is undisputed search engine optimization which is abbreviated to SEO and would give your brand consistent and immediate visibility within your prospective customer base when searched on the internet. Selecting the right seo company would be to your distinct advantage if you are to achieve the high rankings that you would envisage.

SEO services extended to your brand has to be exemplary and with continuous maintenance at all times, as any slack would cost you the high rankings your brand would be enjoying, and once dislodged climbing back could be an arduous task.

Strategic online marketing has provided unique opportunities to use cost friendly email marketing to optimum benefit by digital marketing professionals.

Social circles make silent contributions to marketing and are known by research to affect 65% of all business conclusions and this unique situation is taken advantage by marketers with aggressive and targeted social media marketing strategies.  


Projecting love and respect reciprocates better ratings

There was a silent method of rating that was practiced years ago and that was the word of mouth, where customers spoke to each other of what they thought of public personalities with whom they had dealings or products that they were using. has taken the onus and the challenging task of helping most categories of professionals, career oriented individuals, all products, the celluloid industry, the fashion world and many more by opening up the opportunity for independent reviews, culminating to authentic independent ratings.

To receive high ratings continuously you should project a good personality, and also share love and respect with the public who matters most in your advancement, and receive good reviews.

Product rating is another important aspect for products to be recognized in the market as reliable, whatever they may be.

Coming onboard you get the opportunity to tell others what you think, and sharing your valuable opinion to help others when they need to make a decision on something or somebody.

On my rating you can rate movies, rate teledramas, rate songs, rate singers, rate actors or even rate Sinhala books you have read and also rate colleges you have dealings with.

One of the most talked about professions’ in the modern world is journalism, because the media plays a very vital role in keeping the populace informed of everything good and bad that is happening around us.

Regular media rating to either show our appreciation or disgust to the way that they are going about their business would be helpful to them as well as to us. gives the opportunity to rate banks too, and only an above average bank rating would place a bank in a respectable category and bring the respect that they would want to project to all their customers.